How To Start a Blog to Make Full Time Income

How to Start a Blog?…”I heard people saying, Blogging nahi aati yr, kya likhna hai? Kese likhna hai? Kch samajh nhi aata. But according to me, blogging is the easiest work you can ever do and earn a massive amount of money.

Nowadays blogging is the way, you can make lots and lots of money online. And blogging has a great opportunity to get a better career in life. So for those who find blogging difficult, let me make it easy for you. So here, We will learn how to start a blog step by step.

1. Choose a Profitable Niche for your Blog

Before writing a blog, over the first step to write a successful blog, you need to choose a profitable niche or topic in which you’re going to write blogs on your website.

There are so many topics on which you can start your blog like; Cooking, travelling, health, fitness and etc. Choose a topic on which you have an interest and have the knowledge to share your thoughts with your audience.
Research and gather knowledge from google (great source of information). Gather correct and valid content from secured websites and try to convey right message to your audience.

While choosing profitable niche Google trends plays an important role to find trending and most popular topic, it helps you to grow fast.

2. Find a Domain for your Website

After finding your niche, the next step is to choose a domain name for your website. So what is a domain? Domain means a Unique or catchy name for your website. While choosing or selecting domain try to choose unique and handy name which people can easily remember and never forget.

To find great domain you can visit hostinger and get so many suggestions for your website. Hostinger also provide you different types of domain in affordable prices with lots of other great offers.

To choose a name for your domain you need to keep some points in your mind that I experienced personally:

a. Choose an easy name for your website which audience can relate and is easy to remember.

b. It should be short and well spelt.

c. Always choose .in and .com or a familiar domain for your website according to your region from which you are comfortable.

3. Buy Hosting Plan

The next step is to take a hosting plan for your website and buy a server to make it rank. Hosting is important to grow fast and make genuine income from blog. So, after buy domain next step is to choose a plan.

To buy great deals on hosting you should visit hostinger and select one affordable plan for your website. It’s plan start from Rs. 149 plus some free months. I will attach some great hosting plans for you to buy and give boost to your blogging career.

4. Create a Website

Next step is to create a wonderful website for your blog in WordPress. You don’t need to install WordPress separately, Hostinger provide you cPanel of its own to download and install WordPress and also linked domain for your website.

wordpress is the great platform to create your website, it provide so many different awesome themes, plug-ins and services to their customers. From the same platform you can handle everything.

5. SEO Optimise content

Everything is set now, we have covered every technical steps to make great content and make money. But most important step is, to write SEO optimised content on your website. First you should know what is SEO, It is stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps you to grow and rank your website on google ranking.

SEO have some many technical terms which you have to learn deeply. You can also visit our web story to how to learn SEO in free and detailed dedicated blog on SEO.
There are some points you should keep in mind while doing SEO

a. SEO is fully depend on trending topics and keywords, as a beginner try to find long term keywords for your blog and try use that keyword 3-4 times in whole blog.

b. Search 4 to 5 long tail keywords to rank quickly which have low competitions and more searches.

c. There are lots of websites are available to make you better understand about keywords. “Google keyword planner” is a free tool to search relevant keyword for your blog post.

6. Monetise your Content

Next step is to monetise your website or blog. To monetise your content, sign up in Google Adsense and try to approve from google. After signing up in google Adsense you have to wait for 24 hours to get approved.

Affiliate marketing is the another way to monetise your website. Affiliate marketing earn from commission by selling their product. To get affiliate links you can sign up Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart Affiliate program and more.

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